Whether your garden has gotten a little too wild, or just needs a bit of extra attention throughout the season, we're here to help.   Based on your wants and your garden's needs, we will work with you to develop a custom maintenance and care routine that will keep your garden looking its best. The frequency of our visits can range from just a few times a season, to once a week.  


We offer the following 100% organic gardening services:

organic vegetable gardening

container and raised bed gardening

selective pruning

organic fertilizing

proper care of perennials and annuals

deadheading and cutting back

division and transplanting


spring/fall clean-up

mulch application

soil testing and amendmending 

edging beds


Custom-made raised vegetable beds

Distinctive Gardening is proud to be offering raised bed packages for organic gardens or all sizes.  We will meet with you to determine what size bed(s) will meet your needs, what vegetables, herbs and cut flowers you would like to grow, and how much time you'd like to spend tending your garden.  From there, let us do the work! We will custom build and deliver your cedar garden boxes, amend the soil to promote healthy plants, and plant and sow the seedlings and seeds that you have selected. We would be happy to organically maintain your edible garden throughout the season until it's time to harvest.

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